My Story

Petite Seeds is an online shop that creates and delivers beautiful baby boxes to welcome newborn babies and congratulating mum's and dad's around the world.

Petite Seeds started in 2013 when a good friend of mine gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. At the time, she was my first friend who had a baby so I was extremely excited to give her the best present ever! After weeks of struggling to find her that perfect gift, bubs started to suffer from a serious case of eczema all over his face and body where suggested lotions and creams just could not ease his pain. I started to research for products that would help babies suffering from eczema and after weeks of searching, I finally found some great brands that are all made from natural organic ingredients.

These brands were inspired to create natural organic products because they had experienced similar cases themselves. After having a chat with a few of them, I decided to create a package with these products and gift them to my friend.

Searching for the right gift for a newborn is not easy. It takes time, effort and attention to ensure the gift you give is not only beautiful but it contains the right items for bubs, mum and dad!

Petite Seeds strives to give the best experience and giving that WOW factor when parents receive and open the box. I love hearing about and seeing the faces of their reaction when they see what's inside – it makes me happy to know that they love it just as much as I do!

Our range of products and gift boxes are continually growing so please stay tuned as there will be more amazing products coming our way!

Thank you for visiting!



Amanda Cheung